How to deal with a hostile coworker…

Don’t you just get so frustrated with some of your co-workers…? I mean where is all this hostility coming from?! It drives me up the wall sometimes, and I end up wanting to smack them upside the head! Lool I swear!

I’ve noticed thru a lot of tweets, ppl are going thru the same thing! Example: “#Dearcoworker  … Get out of my face before my fist goes in it”… Loool! Yes! U know your all thinking the same thing about one of your work colleagues  ;p

U know… It’s absolutely normal to react angrily when a coworker is hostile to you. We all experience this type of situation in the business world.  But! The reality is that we CAN’T put our fist in their face lool… No… We have to find another way to deal with such annoying people…  

Question is, how do we do that??

Helpful & simple tips after the jump!

Dealing With Angry and Hostile Coworkers-


Going to work every day with an optimistic attitude can be a difficult task for anyone, especially when you have a coworker who isn’t happy to be there. There are many factors that may play a role in the attitude a coworker has towards you. You may not even be the problem, but because you’re there you become the target.

1)      First and foremost, you have to know that you may not be the actual cause of your coworker’s hostility. Your hostile coworker may just have a negative attitude because of problems at home with kids, a spouse, or just the job itself. Keep in mind that most people are unable to resist bringing their personal problems to work because after all, work is only 8 hours a day and the problems will be there, waiting when they return home.

(This is so true… usually they have something deeper going on and they end up taking it out on u, thinking you have it better than them…)

2)      Find a common ground between you and your hostile coworker. Be sure to do this without making matters too personal. It’s best to try and keep your personal life and your work life separate. There is a way to approach your coworker without “catching” the hostility that is already present with your coworker. Maybe lunch. Suggest a great lunch place or maybe ask your coworker if they have ideas. This is a great icebreaker, since we all have to eat at some point during the work day.

(I’ve tried doing this… and it has worked.. Surprise your co-worker to go on a lunch break… They would never c it coming… And will be intrigued as y u would ask! Haha)

3)      Maybe your coworker feels intimidation from you. Let’s face it; everyone is seeking a way for their employers to notice them and to gain credit. Be sure your coworker knows that you aren’t trying to outshine them. You can do this by presenting your positive attributes to the company without making your coworker feel like you are “downplaying” their work. Maybe, you can ask your coworker to incorporate any ideas that they may have into your plan. Be sure to let them know that their credit will be fully noted with your employer.

(I get that feeling too!… I ask for help from my coworkers showing them that their input is valuable, but not over doing it!)

4)      Always give your coworkers their needed space. Some people just aren’t morning people. Saying a brief good morning with a smile can give you a feel of your coworker’s mood. Allow them time to settle in and prepare for their working day.

(For me this is a given! I say: morning n walk straight to my desk… cuz I’m not a morning person either! Hahah…)

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7 Responses to How to deal with a hostile coworker…

  1. christinamanassa says:

    Good article 🙂

  2. no sugar coating says:

    u 4got 2 mention if they r mentally ill but nobody knows.. every1 at work just ASSUMES its problems at home or work etc, but it might be a condition that makes him hostile.. or u could hav a condition but u dont know n its makin him hostile bcuz he doesnt understand UR condition.. 🙂 just sayin, lets not ASSUME that there is nothing wrong with us when we only see 1 side of the story 😀

    • lalyflavour says:

      I agree.. however what it comes down, is being professional.. And that person has the obligation to get help for their condition… I didn’t foget to mention it, I just personally feel that being hostile and having a condition are two different things.. both need to be dealt with separately.. No matter what our condition tho, we can all find it in us to some how get along.. 🙂

  3. no sugar coating says:

    ur totally right they are 2 different things but they are 2 of the same.. let me explain, 4 example there are people who are afraid you could replace them, bcuz you are the newbie in the place so you’re looking 2 shine and you shining is stealing there THUNDER 😛 so instead of trying 2 beat you through better performance at work they attack, thus being HOSTILE.. 2nd i know its a person’s OBLIGATION 2 get treated but you should know that not all mental patients know there ill nor do their family members so how can they deal with it if they dont know they have it? 🙂 so to him/her there acting normally, and since WE dont know the signs of a mental illness we think there being HOSTILE.. see what i mean? 2 different reasons same outcome 🙂
    so it actually comes down 2 being more aware.. bcuz if your professional you still get the “Dearcoworker… Get out of my face before my fist goes in it” feeling as you said, bcuz they’re still ticking you off 😛 (but you still dont act on it LOL)but having in mind they could be scared of us or ill, will have us wondering what is wrong with them instead of assuming there just blowing off steam or out 2 get us etc 🙂 bcuz we really cant be 100% sure of what goes on in other peoples heads 😀

  4. lalyflavour says:

    I appreciate ur explanation and i do agree with u on some level.. Esp about being a newbie and stealing their thunder lol..
    But u have to look at it from two different angles.. Here I’m only explaining the reasons for hostile worker, not someone who has some sort of mental condition.. They may seem like two of the same, however they aren’t.. And I have to add if people don’t know the signs of a mental illness they can do some research 🙂 or ask a dotcor..
    U are defo right bout being more aware, people need to stop asking questions, and start finding the answers!.. Thnx for ur input I enjoy having these discussions! 🙂

  5. no sugar coating says:

    Anytime 🙂

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