The “D” Word

What’s the dredged “D” word u ask? …. Divorce..

We all know that rate of divorce in q8 is increasing, but no one likes talking about it… Tht’s y im here 😀 lol.. I think relationship matters should be talked about openely… No not “gossip” talk! I mean proper discussions!

Question is, why is there such a high rate of divorce?? Well if you think bout it.. there are a couple of valid reasons… I’ll name just a few to get ur brains workin’… Check them out, after the jump! xx

1) Arranged marriages: I’m not saying ALL arragned marriages end in divorce, no! I’m saying that nowadays this could be a reason leading to it… Ok I get it, it’s the “culture” and so on n so forth.. but we’re living in the 21st Century.. (Oh wait n if I’m not mistaken our parents fell inlove bak in the day.. yessss they did…)… So goin’ bak to this issue.. Imagine u have to pick a “mate” and marry this person without even knowning their traits or habits… Lord have mercyyyyyyy i couldn’t do it n i will NOT do it 😀 (I hope a certain person reads this post!!)… Anywayzzzz

2)  Lack of communication: (Let me start by saying that the key to success is open communication)… This is the MAIN reason for bickering, fighting, breakups, strained relationships and divorce.. Alot of people in general don’t know how to communicate with eachother (hell I’m one of them lol, in certain situations ofcourse)… if only we can put our pride/ego away n think for a second y we do or say the things we do.. ya i knw harder said than done…

“A good, productive and stable marriage is built on one’s ability to love someone else and make sacrifices for that person. We in this region as a whole are sometimes very materialistic and usually wealthy. Many a time couples get married for the wrong reasons. Sometimes because marriage is the new “thing to do”, it’s merely the new toy. Maybe the honeymoon period is the only highlight of the whole affair”.


Ok you guys really really have to read the rest of this article from the Arab Times newspaper;

Interesting ay? I bet some of you didn’t knw half of tht!!

Here is  a list of other reasons for divorce:

  • Lack of commitment to the marriage                                               
  • Lack of communication between spouses
  • Infidelity
  • Abandonment
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Substance Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Inability to manage or resolve conflict
  • Personality Differences or ‘irreconcilable differences’
  • Differences in personal and career goals
  • Financial problems
  • Different expectations about household tasks
  • Different expectations about having or rearing children
  • Interference from parents or in-laws
  • Lack of maturity
  • Intellectual Incompatibility
  • Sexual Incompatibility
  • Insistence of sticking to traditional roles and not allowing room for personal growth
  • Falling out of love
  • Religious conversion or religious beliefs
  • Cultural and lifestyle differences
  • Inability to deal with each other’s petty idiosyncrasies
  • Mental Instability or Mental Illness
  • Criminal behavior and incarceration for crime

Yes all these happen, even in k-town… Now next question is how do we change n fix this??

Here is where my readers step in n post their comments… Common YOU tell me what u think should be done…. xx

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One Response to The “D” Word

  1. Babble says:

    Two words- Love and Respect and we have neither here in Kuwait…it’s far and in between.

    In reference to the article … ‘Shortly afterwards, a counselor will meet the couple and discuss their problems. They are then given a three-month time to try and solve the problems, before beginning the divorce process. ‘ WHAT THE HELL? Three months, seriously? What if you just want a divorce right there and then? Hell, that aint fair.

    ”A woman also may sue for divorce if her husband abandons her for a period of three months, or if he has not taken care of her needs or that of their children.” – three months? wow. that’s interesting.

    LMAO @ this statement, this woman in the arab times says…’The proper age for males to get married should be between 26 and 30, and that for the females should be above 20. However, that is only my opinion. ‘ – Her opinion is hilarious. Females -above 20..
    Males – between 26-30 – therefore a 31 yr old man is wrong to marry? or what?
    And, at 20, no woman is ready for marriage. Marriage age for a girl should be 23/24 minimum.

    Aha and as I read towards the end, what do I see…….this article is INDEED written by a man………..hilarious

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