Yess yesss! This is what im talkn’ about! Finally the weather is starting not only to cool down.. but ahhh  i can’t explain.. it’s jus freakn’ amazin! Aiii mamiiii! >_<

I call this “The Romantic Season” or “The season of cuddles” 😀

Now lets look at the weather forecast…

According to – “Feeling much cooler with warm days and cool nights. Moderate to fresh NW winds”

LOW: 20°c  … I jus hope it gets even better as da days go by! 😀

*crosses finers*

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4 Responses to FINALLY!

  1. Babble says:

    I heart this weather…and yes, definitely ‘cuddle season’ or ‘snuggle season’ as I call it…can’t wait to spend the weekends curled up in my hubby’s arms on the beach at midnight!!! ahhh ❤

  2. The Expatess says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. The heat has simmered down nicely, and we’re getting some amazing breeze in the morning and after sunset….Magnificent isn’t it? How the topic of weather is insignificant anywhere, but in Kuwait it’s a point of major excitement for us Petrarchan lovers.

    • lalyflavour says:

      It truly is! 😀
      Definitely, especially since the summer was mostly filled with humidity :s
      It’s been absolutely horrid! Bs yalla humdallah it’s getting better 😀

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