Those of you who are following me on twitter already know that I’m half Irish, and that obsessed about Ireland >_< … I’m really hoping to go there for the upcoming Eid!

Anyways so… I decided to give you some what of a tour through my eyes.. Enjoy! 😀

This post is dedicated to a new friend Sarah ❤

Tour starts after the jump! xx

 Destination: Dublin, Ireland

As your feet touches Ireland’s blessed soil.. breath in all of that good air!! ahhh nothing like it I tell you!

Ok so first things first.. as soon as I land I got straight to my favourite hotel.. Fitzwilliam Hotel, right on the top of Grafton Street.. I stay here every chance I get.. as it’s in the heart of the shopping area @@

This is one of the best hotels in Dublin! As soon as you step out.. to your left are all the shops and right in front of you is the park! ❤ Can’t get any better than that!

 The best thing about staying here, is that you don’t have to take that much transportation, as everything in within walking distance 😀



This is what a standard room looks like.. It’s quite big for two people who are just staying for a week or so 😉

The staff & service is incredible!

They have internet access and all.. so you’ll be hooked up big time no worries >_<

Being in Ireland, I hate to waste even a second of my time there, so I’m usually up bright and early to enjoy my whole day.. So as soon as I’m out the door this is what I see… (pic below.. oh don’t mind the statue :P.. That’s just a piece of artwork.. Which btw you’ll see a lot of around Dublin)

First things first… A must have grab and go coffee at Butler’s Chocolate Cafe!! Their hot drinks and chocolates are absolutely DE-VINE.. Or should I say MASSIVE?! It’s situated right at the corner at the top of Grafton street.. A great way to start your shopping 😀


With my coffee in hand it’s now time to take that slow stroll down the street! 😀

SHOPPING!! @@ .. all while enjoying the lively entertainment going on outside the shops.. Bands playing,  creative mimes, dancers and so on…  

Walking down towards the end of Grafton street, on your right hand side is one of the best colleges in Ireland.. That being Trinity College of course..

Now where to go???

Why Henry Street of course!! This is another “must go” shopping spot! The sales are crazy, you guys have no idea! I’ve bought all my heels from there, and come back to k-town with at least 10 designer pairs that were 50%-75% off!! @@

There are other places to go other than just shopping areas, such as:

  • Cinemas                                                  
  • restaurants & Cafes
  • Theatres
  • Concerts
  • Festivals – Saint Patrick’s Day!! ❤
  • Arcades
  • Dublin city tours
  • Real Irish pubs
  • Horse riding in the mountains
  • The Zoo
  • And sooooo much more…

More pics below 🙂 xx

Oxgen Festival!

Saint Paddy's day festival

BEST kabab you'll EVER eat in your life.. NO JOKES >_<

Sexiest Irish man alive … AIIII MAMIIIIII!

And with this final picture I end my post ;p hahay!

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13 Responses to Ireland!

  1. cheekss says:

    LAAAAAV ITTTTTTT!!!! I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland, now you’re just teasing me with this post! I really really wanna go sometime soon! Especially during Saint Patrick’s day! You might not know that but my favourite logo is the four leaf clover! I even have a zippo lighter with that logo haha! *sits in your duffle bag* LETS GO NADIA WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?! :O

    • lalyflavour says:

      YAAAY! 😀 You really really have to go, your missing out i swear!
      Eeee that’s why i posted it hehe.. I wana share the beauty and entertainment of this amazing country!
      And i forgot to mention that the people are one of the nicest you’ll ever meet 😀
      Really? ahhh I love anything to do with that logo! Yes Saint Paddy’s day is the time to go.. festivals ALL week long!
      haha! let’s goi NOW! 😀

  2. Maryoma says:

    Hi I love ur blog &i soo wanna go there I love the Henry street already

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  4. dafinka says:

    интересно и красиво място

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness.
    I have heard that Ireland is beautiful, but I had no idea it was this gorgeous! I can’t believe some of the Kuwaitis over there complain about the rain; I’d weather a weeks of floods to get a chance to study there. By the way, since you’ve posted this my dear, we are going to do EACH and EVERY single thing on this list. I am at such a loss for words, so I’ll borrow a few of yours……

    • lalyflavour says:

      Ha! 😀 I’m glad you like it!
      Ahhh you know them, they love the beach and “tanning”.. mostly males too haha! ;p
      Ya when it rains, it pours.. but that’s the beauty of it!
      Eeeee I’d hope so! >_< theres other stuff I didnt mention, bs just didn't want it to drag on and bore the readers ;p
      Aiii Mamiiii indeed luv! ;*

  6. Immortalita says:

    Woow that’s really awesome I love this post a lot !!

  7. dailymail1 says:

    My dad used to take me to the old Bewley’s- loved the smell of the coffee there, the atmosphere. About 9 years ago me and my mum and sis went down for three days and stayed in the Gresham- there’s a great wee pub next door, wooden floor if I remember.
    Next time you’re back go visit a pub called The Dark Horse ( on the outskirts I think ) and tell the Italian barman Roby someone from Kuwait who likes honey grappa sent you…….but of course for REAL culture, nothing beats Belfast….:P

  8. ammaro says:

    I grew up in London and even though its not exactly Ireland, I totally feel where you’re coming from. Love the pix, I can almost feel the atmosphere, gotta add it to my list of places to visit.. Funny enough I felt like the voice reading this whole post to me was Brad Pitt’s voice in Snatch :p

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