Making shoes more comfortable

Don’t you just get damn annoyed when you wana wear those sexy 6 inch heels.. But you know that you’ll only last 5 mins in them?! Well I know I do!

I came across a few ways to ease the pain, and make alil more comfortable for y’all..I’m sure you’ve seen/heard of these before.. No harm in sharing them tho ay? 😉

Check ’em out after the jump! xx

6 Ways to Make Shoes More Comfortable


  1. Pain in the Strap –

These are great for sling back or so called “thong” sandals! They are called strappy strips and are easily slipped onto the inside of your shoe straps; which in turn will help prevent sore blisters as well as any ugly red marks that may be caused the straps.

2.  Cushioned Edge –

These really skinny ¾ insoles allow for a more comfy walking experience with open-toe sandals and shoes! They give your feet an extra umph of comfort! 😉 They are called “Killer Kushionz”

3.   Head over Heels –

These are really handy for heavy shoes such as platforms; which are usually heavier down on the soul part!… You make notice your feet slipping, these are called  “Heel Grips” and help prevent just that! 😀

4.  Stable Ground –


I LOVE these!! >_< Simply perfect for stilettos.. Especially useful for walking on uneven ground with cracks and such. Makes it so much easier to walk!  They come in black and clear, and protect the heel tip of the stilettos- called ‘Sole Mates High Heeler’

5. Spot On –

Gel spots are obviously great for preventing your shoes from rubbing your feet the wrong way.. Best thing about them is that they are clear and easy to use with their peel-and- stick application style.. Called “Gel Spots”.

6. On the Ball –

 These are flower- shaped ball-of-foot cushionsm that prevent calluses. Soft and slipped into the front of your shoes allow ease of pressue on your bones.  Better know as “Tip Toes”.

There are two others that i do not care to mention! >_<

Anyways, I hope you find this info helpul/useful 😀 xx

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7 Responses to Making shoes more comfortable

  1. cheekss says:

    Thank god i’m not a girl… LOL sorry but it seems that there’s alot of hassle to wear shoes! :p

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  3. christinamanassa says:

    This is a superb article – very helpful ! Thanks Nadia!

  4. Ali M. says:

    This may not be much related but I wanna say it anyways 😛

    The other day I was complaining to my friend about how most girls’ calfs are being more muscular than us men’s [and we play football]. Seriously, lately, every girl i’m seeing has calfs more muscular than roberto carlos’s, and it’s not nice. Sorry [and no offense to anyone] but it’s a major turn off. My friend pointed out that it’s down to the fact of wearing high heels, coz wearing such high heels and walking in them with so much effort builds muscles in the girl’s legs.
    Advice: don’t wear high heels so much or your legs will be unattractive

    Thank you :p

  5. Babble says:


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