What bugs you on twitter?


LOL.. just click and read ;p xx

Aight so here’s the deal.. we ALL get annoyed with a lot of things/peeps/suckups and so on, on twitter…

Here’s my list.. and by all means comment and add YOUR twitter piss offs ;p

This is in no particular order.. yalla enjoy

  1. A tweep following little or no followers but is followed by many -_- wtf ya3ni what makes you all feckn’ superior and special?…. Unfollow!
  2. Another one is a tweep following hundreds of other tweeps but has 0 tweets… mmm so all you care about is how many followers you have?… Unfollow!
  4. Peeps following you,  then when you follow back they remove you… Seriously? you really think I’m not gona notice?? helloo www.who.unfollowed.me that’s all i have to say :D.. sad sad people walla
  5. Peeps tweeting every single second of the day… mmm are you just sitting in a room with your eyes fixated on the computer/mobile screen @@ waiting to write your next tweet? Oh and getting tweets off some website and turning it around to make you sound funny and kool? Really? 🙂
  6. Peeps tweeting really nasty or no need to know things! Example.. I just took a huge dump, my butt hurts… you nastay ass freak! Get off my feckn’ timline now!!!
  7. A peep with no avatar/dp and an empty profile -_-  stalker or just plain idiot?

  1. This one really pisses me off and I think very little of people that do this… “Please dont unfollow me”… ummmm why you begging? Are you that insecure? Do you really have no real life friends? Grow up! If I unfollow you dont take it personally, this IS twitter after all 🙂
  2. Oh oh and another thing if I block you, it’s cuz I dont like you and you annoyed me in some way, your just gona annoy me even more by going round the whole of twitter DMing people I know asking them why I did that -__-
  3. Auto messages get on my nerves!
  4. Peeps that only retweet and don’t tweet anything by themselves, wake up those dead brain cells and tweet us something for petes sake!
  5. Tweeting every single place you at or going to… I mean we all tweet that sometimes… bs everytime? No!
  6. Stop, I repeat stop begging for retweets +_+
  7. Last, but not least.. Begging people to follow you back.. yes I have done that with only one person as a joke. Alot of peeps who I will not mention are doing it for real! Your bigger than that common 😉

Ok I’m done 😀 your turn now!

This is for the newbies on twitter… http://technmarketing.com/web/ten-things-you-must-know-before-using-twitter/

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9 Responses to What bugs you on twitter?

  1. MJ_ALFeeli says:

    So true 😀
    And u can add the peeps that replay after ages
    So u even totally fogot what did u tweet them about
    (delayed) :/

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  3. Babble says:

    HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAooooh i so nearly fell off the sofa reading this, u are spot on in everything that you said LOL

  4. ammaro says:

    What gets on my nerves is the people that take twitter too seriously… its like, we used to get on twitter to talk about things that happened in real life… now people meet in real life to talk about what happened on twitter. #lame

    oh and the please get me more followers thing is annoying too. its like grow up, if youre dying for followers you can buy 1000 for 10 dollars or whatever it is and stop spamming our timelines. its just a number peeps.

    • lalyflavour says:

      Hey ammaro, I have agree with you! There’s actually so much drama on twitter now.. had a convo with a friend about it today, and I sat there and said wow we’re actually talking about twitter, this is cyber crap for petes sake!
      hahaahah exactly! amen to that!

  5. Kuwaitiful says:

    What gets on my nerve cells are people so addicted to twitter that reach the point of tweeting whatever they are doing in real life every freaking time.

    “i’m driving”
    “i’m eating”
    “waiting for lunch”
    “staring at my toothpaste”
    “stuck in the chimney tweeting”
    “being followed by a guy with a baseball bat”

    kinda went over the line, but you get the point.

    • lalyflavour says:

      LOL hilarious! It’s become some what of an epidemic with the kuwaiti youth. “I have nothing better to do, therefore I tweet”. Someone actually wrote that ha! Again hilarious!

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