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  Those of you who are following me on twitter already know that I’m half Irish, and that obsessed about Ireland >_< … I’m really hoping to go there for the upcoming Eid! Anyways so… I decided to give you some … Continue reading

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I know I know.. I haven’t posted in a while >_< … Forgive the… Any who I’m back for the time being :D.. How’s everyone been? I can see I’ve had a lot of readers stop by over the past couple … Continue reading

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  Yess yesss! This is what im talkn’ about! Finally the weather is starting not only to cool down.. but ahhh  i can’t explain.. it’s jus freakn’ amazin! Aiii mamiiii! >_< I call this “The Romantic Season” or “The season of … Continue reading

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This is some NASTAYYYY shizzzz!!!! Just came across this on Mark’s Blog.. SICK, SICK , SICK! I’m not even gona say anythn, jus go check it out yourselves! **WARNING** This WILL make u wana puke >_<

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The “D” Word

What’s the dredged “D” word u ask? …. Divorce.. We all know that rate of divorce in q8 is increasing, but no one likes talking about it… Tht’s y im here 😀 lol.. I think relationship matters should be talked about … Continue reading

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It’s too freakn’ HUMID! It’s nastay n wet n agh it’s soo god damn annoying! My hairrrrr! 😦 lool ok im just on a rant today.. But common the weather is pretty bad..! Weather forecast for today …. 36 °C Light … Continue reading

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  Hey guys! I know I haven’t blogged for a while… Been really busy with this and that goin on… Life! Anywayz im bak now 😉 So yesterday I was watching this really interesting documentary on Dubai One… On Autism… The … Continue reading

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