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Movie Review

Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea Goes to Jail’ Genre(s) – Drama, Comedy, Crime Lord have mercyyyyyyyyyy.. this movie was HILARIOUSSSS! Full review after the jump…. xx Advertisements

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I’m Back!

Helloooooooooooo! 😀  Yes yes I’m back.. Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, just been mad busy, with it being Eid and all.. Hope y’all had a fantastic Eid holiday! 😀 What did ya guys get up to? Anything interesting? >_< … Continue reading

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How to deal with a hostile coworker…

Don’t you just get so frustrated with some of your co-workers…? I mean where is all this hostility coming from?! It drives me up the wall sometimes, and I end up wanting to smack them upside the head! Lool I … Continue reading

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Weekend baby!!

It’s the weekend peeps! After a hard and stressful NON-STOP working week, I am ready to chill out big time! I’m just about to leave work and made a couple of appointments for some much needed pampering sessions at the salon :D… Massages, getting my hair … Continue reading

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Jealous much…?

  Come on we’ve all been guilty of it! Visible or otherwise, every single one of us has a tinge of jealousy & we all express it in different ways.. It normal and part of being human.. However the level … Continue reading

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Sleep deprivation 0_0

  Okay, so I’ve noticed a lot of people coming into work with sleep deprived eyes lool..  I have to say it’s kinda funny :p They walk in with their shoulders slouched over and that “don’t even mess with me” … Continue reading

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For awhile now I’ve wanted to take some yoga classes. Sometimes things get a little too stressful and I’d like something where I can channel all that stress out of my body and mind!  I mean we all deal with … Continue reading

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