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Sale @ Shoebox!

Girls! Grab your purses and head to Shoebox Avenues NOW! Theres a sale on selected shoes and jewellery! Dont miss out seriously! ūüėČ These are the boots I bought ems… Get ready for it.. they were 305KD down to 95KD!! … Continue reading

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Sketch artist

I find sketch artists fascinating.. I enjoy drawing myself but this guy is fabulous! Enjoy xx

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I love!

¬† I absolutely love this post by ilSul6ana!… Makes sense to post this right after the last nailpolish post ;D Check it out! .. The Ruffian Manicure:

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Tune of the night… oohh na na nah

I’m getting a little bit of a high… from the one and only RiRi.. This song just gets to me! Enjoy peeps and Eid Mubarak to all of you ‚̧ Rihanna – What’s My Name? ft. Drake  

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Making shoes more comfortable

Don’t you just get damn annoyed when you wana wear those sexy 6 inch heels.. But you know that you’ll only last 5 mins in them?! Well¬†I know I do! I came across a few ways to ease the pain, … Continue reading

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¬† Those of you who are following me on twitter already know that I’m half Irish, and that obsessed about Ireland >_< … I’m really hoping to go there for the upcoming Eid! Anyways so…¬†I decided to give you some … Continue reading

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Sweet like Candyyy

Ok.. wait for it.. wait for it… Aiiiii¬†Mamiiiii! >_ So your probably wondering what im getting all flustered about ;p Well.. since it was Halloween yesterday, and¬†I already enjoyed the dressing up part over the weekend..¬†I decided to order some … Continue reading

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