Supermodel Natalia Vodianova…


Haha! Hold your horses!.. ;p

I know what’s going through your mind… However, I’m here to shock your system…

Just click this link >>> 

No need to say more >_< … lorddd have mercyyyy!!

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Those of you who are following me on twitter already know that I’m half Irish, and that obsessed about Ireland >_< … I’m really hoping to go there for the upcoming Eid!

Anyways so… I decided to give you some what of a tour through my eyes.. Enjoy! 😀

This post is dedicated to a new friend Sarah ❤

Tour starts after the jump! xx Continue reading

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Sweet like Candyyy

Ok.. wait for it.. wait for it… Aiiiii Mamiiiii! >_

So your probably wondering what im getting all flustered about ;p Well.. since it was Halloween yesterday, and I already enjoyed the dressing up part over the weekend.. I decided to order some treats!

Frost cupcakes is what I stumbled upon.. lord have mercyyyy was it mouth-watering or what!

You HAVE to check out their website @

“Frost Cupcakes is a bakery that creates handcrafted desserts with the finest ingredients. We create desserts that satisfy the taste & please the eyes”

They have a variety of treats from Halloween treats to Eid desserts.. and since Eid is coming up soon.. it would be a good idea to check it out 😉

This is what I ordered ….

Ghost lollipos & cupcakes


The truly are srcumchss! 😀 Oh and the delivery was on time too! 

Check out the other cakes they have… I’ll defienelty be ordering from them again.. 

(Follow them on twitter @Frost_cupcakes)

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I know I know.. I haven’t posted in a while >_< … Forgive the…

Any who I’m back for the time being :D.. How’s everyone been? I can see I’ve had a lot of readers stop by over the past couple of weeks.. This is good.. This I like! hehe xx

Seriously though I do appreciate those of you who pass by! Much love ❤

So now i need my readers to tell me what you’d like me to post about.. I have acouple of things in mind.. But want YOUR input…..

Share your thoughts xx

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Yess yesss! This is what im talkn’ about! Finally the weather is starting not only to cool down.. but ahhh  i can’t explain.. it’s jus freakn’ amazin! Aiii mamiiii! >_<

I call this “The Romantic Season” or “The season of cuddles” 😀

Now lets look at the weather forecast…

According to – “Feeling much cooler with warm days and cool nights. Moderate to fresh NW winds”

LOW: 20°c  … I jus hope it gets even better as da days go by! 😀

*crosses finers*

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DeDiCaTiOn ***

A  weekend special.. Haven’t posted a music vid in a while.. I loveeee this song, da beat n all.. video not so much but hey wat to do wat to do… >_< 

Pre-watch WARNING: Semi-Nudity.. so plz dont come telln’ me i didnt say anythn b4 hand xx

Jeremih – I Like ft. Ludacris

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This is some NASTAYYYY shizzzz!!!!

Just came across this on Mark’s Blog.. SICK, SICK , SICK!

I’m not even gona say anythn, jus go check it out yourselves!

**WARNING** This WILL make u wana puke >_<

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